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Ready to get out on the River Derwent in your new boat? If you're looking for boat financing in Hobart we will get you the best rate possible as quickly as possible to get you out on the water.

Do you finance new and used boats?

Yes, we can provide financing for new and used boats and can help you with all the necessary details to finalise the loan. If you're purchasing from a boat dealer in Hobart we can organise the finance as well as how the deal comes together. We can also help organising a boat loan for private sales and facilitate that process so that all parties are taken care of.

Do you provide secured and unsecured finance?

We mainly organise secured boat loans for most clients as this is what most people come to us for however on the rare occassion we can try to organise a unsecured boat financing but this may mean a higher interest rate than a secure loan and in certain areas we can't provide this type of loan.

What is a balloon payment and do you offer this?

  • Quite simple a balloon payment is where you choose to pay a "final payment" of a certain sum which effectively reduces your loan repayment for the life of the loan. When you reach the end of the loan period the "balloon amount" falls due and you can either pay it or refinance the boat loan and continue to pay the "balloon amount" off.

We do provide this service as it has become increasingly popular more recently.

Do you provide boat loans for Hobart businesses?

Yes, we can certainly help your business with boat financing in the forms of:

  • hire purchase
  • chattel mortgage
  • car finance lease
  • company boat and novated car leasing

Just fill in an online application and we'll take it from there.

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