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Most boatyards in Australia only have a relationship with only 1 or 2 finance companies to assist with boat finance or loan. However, This often limits your options and may result in you paying too much. More importantly, though is the finance consultants they employ work for them and not for you.

These financers are the ones that provide the boatyard with their financing needs, form the purchase of their stock, to the purchase of their dealership. In return, the dealer has a sense of loyalty to them and may even receive rewards if they submit all clients to them. With a lack of choice, you might end up paying more on your loan. is accredited with a panel of lenders that assures you of the best finance options for your purchase.

When it comes time to settle the loan here at Boat Finance, we’ll ensure and keep the process very simple. In all cases, we work behind the scenes and liaise with the boatyard to get all the necessary details of your craft.

We make sure of getting you into the water is as seamless a process as possible.

If you are looking to buy a boat from Boatyard, contact Boat Finance on 1300 880 883 and one of our loan consultants will assist you.

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