Top Outboard Engines

Powerboats, speedboats and fishing yachts share one thing that makes them awesome, an outboard engine. An outboard engine is a fully-contained propulsion system mounted onto the boat’s transom. It gives them an exceptional power-to-boat ratio and outstanding fuel efficiency. An outboard engine or motor is also quieter and easier to maintain unlike a sterndrive and an inboard motor.

Since the invention of the first outboard engine in 1906, outboards have greatly improved in size, power, and emission quality. In Australia, the outboard engine market is currently selling powerful four-stroke outboards, as well as two-stroke outboard motors with Direct-Fuel-Inject (DFI) technology.

Here are the top outboard engines you can find on the Australian market today:

Seven Marine 627SV

Let’s begin with the most powerful outboard available right now, the Seven Marine 627SV. This monster boat motor is a 6.2L supercharged V8 engine with DFI and a closed cooling system. The 627SV is also the flagship of the American brand and can propel the largest powerboats on the market. Capable of producing 627hp at 5600 RPM, this outboard will help your boat face even the roughest conditions on the waters.

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Seven Marine 627SV
Source: Seven Marine

Mercury Racing 450R

One of the top outboard engines in Australia, the Mercury Racing 450R arrived Down Under in 2019. It’s a 4.6L V8 Four-stroke Supercharged machine that boasts a 450hp output and runs on premium unleaded 95 RON fuel. 450R is also the fastest and most powerful motor from Mercury Racing. Whether you own a speed boat or a luxury fishing vessel, this outboard will deliver unrivaled performance with its dynamic power and rapid acceleration.

Yamaha F425 XTO

Known for its reliable, powerful, and technologically advanced outboards, Yamaha has surpassed its own limits by building the F425 XTO (Extreme Offshore). This 5.6L V8 four-stroke outboard with direct-fuel injection was crafted to deliver maximum power and thrust to propel medium to large boats on the open waters. The Yamaha F425 XTO also contains the brand’s first fully-integrated power system, which will deliver a seamless boating experience to boat owners. A reliable, fuel-efficient, and powerful outboard, the F425 XTO is one premium quality outboard for your powerboat.

Yamaha F425 XTO
Source: Yamaha

Suzuki DF350A

The flagship model of Suzuki, the DF350A high-performance outboard is a 4.4L V6 DOHC engine, capable of 350hp maximum output. Its acceleration is off the charts and the high-end torque at 5700rpm-6300rpm is just exceptional. Suzuki DF350A is also built with a dual low-water inlet that improves water flow and increases cooling efficiency. Compact and sporty, this outboard will also pair well aesthetically with any type of boat.

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Evinrude  E-TecⓇ G2™ 300

Wrapping up our list of top outboard engines is the Evinrude E-Tec G2 300. A 3.4L V6 two-stroke V6 motor with E-TEC Direct Fuel Inject Technology, It’s the outboard of the future built with cutting-edge tech and fuel efficiency. Capable of up to 300hp output, it’s the best outboard for small to medium-sized boats. The Evinrude E-TEC G2 is also Australian Emissions Standard compliant and one of the ideal replacements for your old carby two-stroke outboard.

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