Thank You Boat Finance

Hi Katica,

I have attached a few photos of the boat, (OK more than a few) it has been getting quite a bit of use and now has an extra 100 hours on the motor since I have bought it.  I have done several trips to the reef and a couple to the outer reefs my two girls love it when I take them to Thomas, Border or Lindeman island for a swim and they are talking me into going for a trip to Whitehaven beach it is not that far but there are more interesting places to go so that why we haven’t been yet.

Thank you very much for the First aid kit. It is in the boat and with the occasional cut and scratch from the reefs, corals and oysters it is getting a work out and has been refilled a few times, I now have a larger one on the boat and the one that you sent does the trip onto the shore because it fits in the bag better.  I apologise for taking so long to send this but truthfully I forgot and every time I see the first aid kit I kick myself for not thanking you.

Both girls love being on the water for different reasons Matilda loves snorkeling and being in the water and Summer (youngest) just loves to fish.

Well I thank you again for all of your help and the first aid kit and I will keep you in mind if I upgrade.