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2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors – What You Need to Know

Picking the right outboard motor can be as daunting as choosing the right boat. If you are not an enthusiast, you might think that 4-stroke motors bring more power-packed performance compared to 2-stroke motors. However, this is not necessarily the case at all times.

For you not to be confused about what to choose, here’s a comprehensive 2 stroke vs 4 stroke outboard motors comparison.

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Buying a second hand boat

Buying a Boat Second-Hand: What You Need to Know

Many people are hesitant to buy a used car because of the risks involved. When it comes to buying a second-hand boat, the indecision increases tenfold and understandably so. Not everyone has the knowledge to determine a good deal from a bad one, and insider information is not really easy to come by. So they just go for the easiest choice: buying a brand-new boat. It’s the more practical option to guarantee a boat in optimum condition. However, it’s also a far more expensive choice.

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Boat Shows Around Australia

Sydney International Boat Show 2006The weather has turned warm, we’re getting strong winds along the east coast (sometimes a little too strong) and the summer boating season is well and truly here.

Whether you have a general interest in boating or you’re in the market for a new boat, the local boat shows can be a great way to see the latest boat models, accessories, innovations and more. Boat shows and Marine expos can be quite diverse, showcasing everything from powerboats, to yachts, canoes, jet skis and tinnies.

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Tips for getting a boat loan

Are you still looking for that Boat or PWC ?

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