Buying a jet ski: What you need to think about

Are you an adrenaline junky who loves to ride the waves? Having your own jet ski elevates the thrill and adventure that you wish to experience. But before you go and spend your money on a jet ski, here are some useful tips before your next purchase.


Personal watercraft (PWC), popularly known as jet skis, can come in various types, shapes and colours. Your purchase preference should depend on your purpose. Some jet skis are made specifically for water sports and capable of towing wakeboarders or water skiers. They have powerful engines that can deliver enough horsepower and torque for such purpose.

On the other hand, choose a jet ski with larger fuel capacity if you’re planning to spend long hours on the waters. And if you want to go fishing, buy a personal watercraft with large storage and extra space to put your fishing accessories.


You also need to think about usage when buying a jet ski. How frequently do you plan to use it? Is it weekly or fortnightly? Perhaps you plan to go on holiday and use the jet ski every day? Frequent usage of your PWC requires it to be durable and heavy-duty. So, make sure to read online reviews to find the right make and model that fits your planned usage.

Woman on Jet ksi

Number of passengers

You should also consider the number of passengers that will accompany you on your jet ski. This will affect the number of seats that your jet ski must have. If you enjoy wandering the vast waters or go fishing alone, then a PWC without extra seating will do. Two seaters are perfect for couples who want to experience jet-skiing together.

Some jet skis fit a group of three or two persons with fishing accessories. If you’re not sure how many seats your jet ski must have, then the safest option is the one with the greatest number of seats.

Need Licence?

Different states and territories in Australia have various regulations when it comes to jet ski operations. In Queensland, the Maritime Safety requires securing a personal watercraft license amounting to $112.85 to be able to operate it. Make sure to consider this requirement and additional cost before shopping for your jet ski.

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Perhaps the most important thing to think about when buying a jet ski is your budget. Brand new PWCs’ prices range from $2000 to as high as $15000. Aside from the vessel itself, other relevant expenses should also be considered.

These include the installation of a tow bar if there is none, transportation trailer, and accessories such as life jackets and other safety gear. You must also prepare money for registration fees and insurance coverage. You must know your budget, so you won’t overspend on a jet ski that you can’t afford.

Different Brands

The three biggest brands in personal watercraft are the Kawasaki, Sea-doo, and Yamaha.

Kawasaki is the most famous brand and has popularised the term “jet ski”, which eventually became synonymous with PWCs. The Sea-Doo company offers new models like the “Spark”, and aside from Recreation and Tow Sports models, you might want to peek at their Luxury and Performance brands.

Meanwhile, Yamaha boasts its Rec-lite, Luxury, and Race designs. The brand has recently introduced the innovative dual throttle handlebars to enhance your thrilling jet ski experience. Make sure to do your due diligence of researching these three brands so you can find the right model that fits your needs.

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Used or New

When buying a jet ski, you can opt for a new or a used one. A newly bought PWC will guarantee you a machine in perfect condition. Warranty and freebies may also come at hand. That is if you have the budget to purchase a new jet ski.

Meanwhile, a slightly used PWC with a title is more pocket-friendly than a new one. Just make sure to bring a mechanic to inspect the motor and engine. Look out as well for water leaks and loose wires if there is. Run your fingers along the hull to check if there is damage. Most importantly, do a water test and run the waves.


Do you want a water vessel that has extra power than the ordinary ones? Pick a supercharged PWC. It will provide 230 to 310 HP that will surely fit for challenging jet ski adventures. But if your choice is a PWC that’s meant for simple use, then a 60 to 180 HP performance will do. You don’t have to incur extra costs in maintaining a supercharged jet ski.

Insurance and Warranty

A new PWC automatically comes with a warranty. The jet ski warranty covers the usual components like the engine, driving system, steering, controls, seals, and gasket. You can also opt for additional extended warranty coverage, so you’ll worry no more about the cost of fixing the jet ski when it breaks down mechanically.

You should also think about getting comprehensive insurance because it will help in covering accidents. Old or new, you must obtain insurance and warranty coverage to leave your worries behind about potential damage and loss.

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