Boating Accessories

5 Must-Have Boating Accessories

Boating, be it for leisure or your job, can bring enjoyable experiences and memories. Some accessories can also be used while in the water to add more fun and comfort. Below are some ideas on what to bring to improve your next boating journey.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Music is known as a mood booster. Be it during a party or just a relaxing afternoon, adding music will add positive vibes. ‘Waterproof’ and ‘bluetooth’ are two words that are most appropriate for speakers used on the boat. You can place it anywhere you like, and there is no problem operating it even when you just come out of the water.

Bluetooth speakers can be paired with any smartphone or tablet. It is good to choose one that has an AM/FM feature for a more versatile audio streaming. It is also good to choose one that is durable enough to withstand boat environment. There are some brands that offer UV protection, so you can bring music with you even under direct sunlight. These days, digital screens have made navigating any equipment easier. So, it is a good idea to choose a brand that has this option. While on the water, it is inevitable to have some swaying. So, it is good to choose a model that can be mounted and has a compact design.

Lockable Clips

Clips are not deemed necessary unless you need one. So, it is a good idea to keep some handy. Whether it is used to keep wet clothes in place for drying or holding other items, clips are great innovations you can bring wherever you go. One thing you need to consider when it comes to clips is the gripping range. Lastly, being able to lock your clips will avoid displacement of your clipped items due to the swaying of the boat.

Dry Bags

Why are dry bags preferable over normal bags? Anyone who has encountered storing dry clothes, especially those who just came out of the water, can answer the question. Dry bags promote cleanliness and hygiene. You do not have to worry about your items getting wet with these. There are also times when you need to jump out of the boat for some island touring. Having a dry bag stored on your boat can be useful in these times. You can bring them with you to protect your items from getting wet in times of water fun.

Some features that are good to look for in a dry bag are the size, being scratch-proof, the mode of carrying, and the material used.

Waterproof Tablet Pouch

In today’s internet era, some people prefer to work with their tablets even on the water. This is possible because of waterproof tablet pouches. Make sure to choose one that can accommodate any kind of tablets. It is also common to see children using tablets these days. You do not know when an accident can happen especially when you are on a boat, so it is better to enclose tablets in waterproof pouches when kids use them.

Pouches that have a cushion in it can provide better protection to your tablets. Also, there pouch brands that offer different straps. You can hold them or hang them around your neck when you need to use your hands. Moisture can be a result of the change in temperature, so having a pouch that can absorb moisture is a better choice.

Marine Grade/Portable Barbecue

Who says you cannot have hot freshly grilled barbeque on the water? With a marine grade portable barbecue, cooking on your vessel is possible. Portable cooker allows you to cook anywhere. A marine grade barbeque is specifically designed to withstand the marine environment. Having a stainless burner will allow usage no matter what the weather is. Even if it is a windy day, you can be sure that flames are not going to be blown out. Moreover, stainless steel can withstand rigidity even when used on land or on water.

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