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2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors – What You Need to Know

Picking the right outboard motor can be as daunting as choosing the right boat. If you are not an enthusiast, you might think that 4-stroke motors bring more power-packed performance compared to 2-stroke motors. However, this is not necessarily the case at all times.

For you not to be confused about what to choose, here’s a comprehensive 2 stroke vs 4 stroke outboard motors comparison.

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Similarity Between Two Stroke and Four Stroke Motors

Let’s start with their common traits. Both motors work in a five-stage combustion process that transfers power into physical action.

1. Intake – Air and fuel mixture enter and mix inside a fixed cylinder.

2. Compression – Inside the cylinder, a moving piston will compress the fuel and air mixture.

3. Ignition – The spark plug will ignite a fire. 

4. Combustion – The fire will burn the fuel and air mixture that produce mini-explosion that pushes the piston and eventually causing the crankshaft to rotate and produce motion.

5. Exhaust – The piston returns to its starting position, and the exhaust valve will open and expel the combusted air-fuel mixture.

Difference Between Two Stroke and Four Stroke Motors

Though similar in the combustion process, the two motors differ in the following ways.

Power production

Two-stroke motors complete the five-stage combustion process and produce power once in two strokes of the piston. While in a four-stroke motor, the five-stage combustion process is completed in four strokes. This produces power once for every four strokes.

Internal work

In two-stroke motors, oil mixes with gasoline. When the fuel goes through the engine, it consumes minimal amounts of oil which provide lubrication. The oil is continuously injected which means you don’t have to constantly change the oil.  Just make sure to maintain an oil reservoir in your boat or on your engine.

Four-stroke motors on the contrary, have an oil filter and self-contained oil chamber fixed within the engine. This engine requires an oil change after 100 hours or a year of usage.

Both two and four-stroke outboard motors have their own technical strongpoints and drawbacks. Check out the pros and cons of each type and decide for yourself which motor suits your boat the most.


Choosing The Right Outboard Motor

Picking between a two-stroke or four-stroke motor is normally not an issue nowadays. What matters now is all your boating lifestyle, preferences, and expectations. To help you choose the right motor for your boat, here are the things that you should focus on.

1. Research – Before making a motor purchase. Always do online research about important motor features that you should consider.

2. Environment and intended use – The type of environment where you intend to use your boat and the type of motor must be compatible.

3. Type of boat – Different boat types have different weight restrictions, which will give you an idea of what type of motor is most suitable.

4. Practicality – It’s always necessary to consider the availability of product support and service maintenance within the locality to help you when the outboard motor breaks down or simply needs servicing.

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